Do you need help managing complex supply chains?

Ingredient Management

We are a beverage development company and at Liquid Fusion we have designed and project managed supply chains for a large range of our customers. We are unique in that we can not only develop beverage recipes and source contract manufacturing solutions, but also operate the ingredient supply chain for our customers. Our knowledge of launching and managing private label drinks and brands will help you save time and money at all stages of the project, and leaves you free to manage other areas of your business.

We manage the whole process of the often complex ingredient chain, ensuring pricing, documentation and logistics are all taken care of, and that the contract packer knows when they are coming, with the right certifications and in the correct delivery window. With Brexit and Covid giving us more complex scenario’s, our team is well placed to navigate through these challenges.


  • 360 project management, managing the entire process
  • Sourcing and ordering of all raw materials
  • Contract Packer liaison and setup
  • Label regulations and marketing claims review
  • Ensure all quality controls are met and issue health certificates
  • Production attendance to monitor technical aspects
  • Post production reconciliation
  • Analyising each production and confirm targets have been achieved.
  • Shelf life testing and nutritional compliance
    International expansion strategy with currency in mind


Every business is different and requires varying levels of service from us, so we look at each project individually to tailor the service to your requirements. There is never a one size fits all approach to drinks development, so we are incredibly flexible according to your business needs.