We have over 40 years experience bringing some of the largest brands to market.

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate drink experts who have won multiple global awards for our work over many decades. We know that finding the right suppliers, who have the right technical capability to deliver your vision, is a very complex process. Finding the right supplies out of hundreds from scratch, takes many many hours of work, and if you are not technically minded, how do you know if they are the right suppliers?

Our MD Ed has been running supply chains for 22 years and has a wealth of experience in all parts of manufacturing, ingredients and logistics. He started the company in 2012 knowing that a lot of brands and retailers required his expertise in setting up supply chains from start to finish. Having started predominately with on the go retailers, we quickly became known for overcoming complex problems and knowing the right suppliers across Europe, and by default a large number of startup and existing brands came to develop their drink formulations with Liquid Fusion.

Hayley our head of NPD, has 25 years experience as a food scientist and spent 20 years as head of technical at one of the largest global flavour houses. Her knowledge of ingredients, what does and doesnt work in a drink formulation, and troubleshooting manufacturing problems gives her exceptionally wide knowledge of the whole process from start to finish. You would be surprised how many food scientist’s have never stepped foot in a manufacturing facility, and if you haven’t, how do you know how ingredients / the final recipe with react under different process conditions? She has literally done it all, and worked for some of the largest drinks brands overcoming such problems in production, and this skill set is how we avoid many problems we see in the industry with recipes that are simply not fit for purpose.

Our People

Our aim is to take care of the whole process, our experienced team has knowledge from all areas of the market, from building production lines, developing beverage recipes, creating bespoke extracts, marketing claims, label regulations, logistics, margins, sales and market trends, we are uniquely placed to deliver exceptional beverage own labeled products that are commercially viable from the outset.


When it comes to developing beverages, our team has literally done it all. We know what things should cost, how much time it takes and which suppliers you want to do business with.


Our suppliers and co-packers love us because we give our customers the knowledge and expertise to deliver a project, so they don’t have to. So we are saving everyone in the chain time and money.


Through our extensive netowrk very rarely can we not find a product a client requests. If it doesn’t exist, we will make it for you. We love solving problems and thrive on the challenges our clients set us.


Having done this for many decades, we know the decisions you need to make at the start, to avoid making mistakes in the future.


Every business is different, and requires different things from us. We have built our reputation on being flexible and fitting in with your business needs.