Do you need a non-alcoholic spirit contract bottler, small scale contract bottling solution or pilot testing? We have state of the art equipment for glass bottling.

Beverage Manufacturing

We have a state of the art contract beverage bottling facility for soft or alcoholic contract manufacturing, for still products only (carbonation following mid 2023), specifically deigned to help startup beverage companies and SME’s develop and launch products with reasonable minimum volumes.

We are specialist’s at non-alcoholic spirit contract bottling, and we offer MOQ’s of 3,000 litres for commercial runs on our spirit line. With best in class batching processes, including an inline high shear mixer for hard to mix ingredients like powders, we are at the forefront of non-alc spirit development and bottling.

We are SALSA Food accredited, meaning that products are made under stringent processes and your finished products can be sold into any major retailer.

Its designed to mimic the larger scale soft drink manufacturing process’s, and allow’s our clients to do small scale bottling in the UK. We have invested in machinery that can handle most sizes of glass bottles from 50ml – 700ml using ROPP closures or GPI caps. The beverage manufacturing capabilities are all done on semi automatic bottling lines, designed to be extremely flexible in the types of bottles we can handle, with automatic labelling and capping.

We can label front, back and neck. We can also do tamper evident tax strips or PVC shrinks. We then box into 6, 12, 24 or 96 for 50ml.

We can bottle as little as 250 litres so you can do consumer testing, shelf life testing or nutritional analysis, and with the process’s mimicking full scale production, allows the testing of recipes and how they react to varying temperatures or bottling processes.

Whether you are a startup looking for contract bottling or an established player looking to test your recipes before full production, we can help get your drink manufactured in a professional environment with all quality controls documented. We do alcoholic or soft drinks, but not dairy.

Small Scale Bottling Uk capabilities

  • Still product only (carbonation following mid 2023)
  • Glass bottles, 50ml – 700ml, ROPP closures or GPI caps.
  • High shear mixer’s and 6,000 litres of tanks.
  • Bath Pasteurisation 
  • Labelling wrap around or front, back and neck.
  • Tamper tax strips of PVC shrinks.
  • Boxing into 6’s, 12’s, 24’s and 96’s. palletising, strap and shrink.
  • From as little as 250 litres on a day rate. 3,000 litres for non-alc spirit bottling.

We specialise in non-alcoholic spirit contract bottling, but also offer a day rate for pilot bottling soft or alcoholic drinks. 

We have a unique production site setup by product development experts to give the absolute best end product, making sure the liquid is not over processed and mixed correctly. Hence why we landed into the non-alc spirits sector, as the complex nature of these products requires extra technical knowledge and processes.

 If you need the best price, then take a look at our factory selection information and we would be happy to help upscale your product to the next level.